Our Network

We speak your language and their language!

We believe that any project can be successful if we can communicate clearly and understand each other.

Client liaison network:

Our client liaison teams are based north of the Alps in the Bavarian City of Munich and also in France, Poland and the USA. We speak your language! This local representation helps to understand your requirements in terms of design, quality standards and compliance. And not only do we speak your language – we can also be with you at short notice.

Production centres:
We have a strong network of professionals in the major apparel making countries of the world, namely Bangladesh, China, India and Pakistan etc. The local teams work closely with and regularly visit factories to review samples and production progress. We use ‘critical path reports’ to ensure effective communication, quality products and on-time delivery.

The teams speak the local language, be it any of the Indian languages in India, Bengali in Bangladesh, dialects and versions of Mandarin in China or Urdu in Pakistan. This ability to seamlessly transfer your requests to a completely different language enables the manufacturer to understand the nuances, ensures effective communication and brings enormous benefits to your brands.

Alpine Fashions has a strong network of specialist as well as vertically integrated factory units in Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan etc. to support you with all levels of product development, quality control and production. Our specialization includes, but is not limited to Knitwear-Sweaters, Cut & Sew Jersey, Woven, Denim, Active-Wear (Sports), Padded/Down Jackets, Shirts and Accessories with embroideries, washes or prints.

The facilities are approved for major brands on the world fashion scene and compliant to local and international regulations, giving you peace of mind about ethical sourcing.